CLEAN//SHIT - Mirror Universe Tapes Releases Split!!

It’s pouring rain, a summer polar vortex is about to destroy crops in the midwest, your husband can’t get it up, that picture of your boat got zero likes, someone is killing peacocks in an upscale community in Los Angeles… this world fucking sucks. But! Don’t you fucking fret… because two of your favorite bands have released a split!!!


That’s right kids, Clean Girls and Vulture Shit released a cassette through Mirror Universe Tapes earlier this week. My personal favorites are “Divorce (Hooray)” and “Portion Control”, but you’ll have to buy it to hear it! So, go do that. As in now. Now is a great time to explore your most Expensive Tastes.


And, HEY. Go to this show and cry out of joy with us!!!!!!!!!
Slow Animal +Vulture Shit +Cousin Brian +Hard Nips +Black Rainbow 7/25

Interview with Fletcher Shears + New Video and Puzzle Song

We sat down in a virtual room with Fletcher Shears of The Garden and Puzzle (who has a new album out, Wrecked - go listen!) to ask the REAL questions. And in case you didn’t know, The Garden premiered a new song and video last week titled "This Could Build Us a Home". I’ve had this song in a loop in my head ever since I’ve heard it, and was super excited to catch another mystifying glimpse into the vadaverse. Check it all out below.

How do you get to the vadaverse from here?
Fletcher Shears: We actually can’t talk about that.

What are your astrological signs?
We are scorpios.

What’s your favorite taco?
A soft taco.

Do you like Devo?
Yeah, sure.

What is your favorite horror film (or films)?
Lord Of The Rings.

If you could start a business, what kind of business would you start?
A business that specializes in tracking down and killing silk worms.

What’s something you can’t enough of?

What can you see from your window right now?
I’m stuck in a black box currently, with no windows. There is 1 ant in here with me.

Do you have pets?

If you could ask a question, to anyone or about anything, what would it be?
I don’t have questions, I only have answers.

What do you dream about?
Things that make me uncomfortable in the morning, and usually give me a stomach ache.

Additionally, some great news for all you Garden fans here in New York… They will be playing with The Growlers at the good old Bowery Ballroom on September 18! Taco Homo has been dreaming about the fall and we can’t wait to see everyone do the vada vada in unison. See you there!


Photo by: Emmanuella Zachariou

Taco’s Taurus Tracks

"Love songs, grilled corn and sleeping too much… sounds like Taurus to me. Taurus season is like Barry White nibbling warm honey off of your toes; it sparks a tingle of anticipation for the hot, sweaty days and warm, summer nights soon to come. And it leaves you feeling kinda sticky. Here are some tunes that made Taco Homo kinda sticky this spring."

- Sara McCarthy, A Real Life Taurus and Wonderful Friend 

Pangea - Jelly Jam

Hey remember when together Pangea had a keyboardist?? This is Pangea in their rawest form. I LOVE THIS ALBUM. Every time I hear it I never want to stop listening to it or to music in general. I wouldn’t mind if William Keegan screeched “it doesn’t matter who you are, who you are, who you AAAAAAARRRRREEEEE” (from “Rumblin’ Sound”) in my ear non-stop for 1,000 years. I can also personally relate to “You Sleep Too Much" because - call me a Capricorn (or Libra rising?) - I love sleeping wayyy too much. I chose the song "Blood, Blood, Blood" as my favorite because I crave it like a vampire. Before delving deep into Living Dummy and Killer Dreams EP, I briefly sampled Jelly Jam and “Blood, Blood, Blood” stuck with me so much that I had to go back and listen to this album basically every minute of Taurus. 

Jawbone - Self-Titled
Allow me to introduce you to Jawbone, a band/project/album/state of mind from Buffalo, NY. Hell yeah, Buffalo!! The Queen City! Where music is alive, creative and, thanks to Steak + Cake Records, professionally produced at the drop of a hat, the flip of a coin. While you listen to their self-titled album, recorded in one take, remember that the members of Jawbone had never previously played music together (well, the drummer and vocalist have a history, but otherwise…). Vocalist/Poet Eli Van Son’s lyrics immediately move me, and the instrumentation of the rest of the band is so tightly solid that all I can do is put my hands in my pockets and nod along, acknowledging the musical teachings they impart on me. Several of the songs fade in and fade out (or seem to), like they were always there; simple truths from the beginning of time. The killer instincts of each Jawbone musician, plus the smooth production stylings of Steak + Cake Records, makes Jawbone a favorite Taurus standby. Also the album art (collage by Jawbone drummer Adam Steinbrenner) rocks my socks. 

Slow Animal - The Other Side EP

Slowly and steadily, these guys came out with a great album. They didn’t rush to create a half assed EP, they worked hard and at their own pace to bring us true perfection. Typically Taco Homo praises the bass gods, but each track is so good that even we can admit no bass is needed. No shirt, No bass, No problem. Slow Animal is one of the first bands that brought Taco Homo together! We saw them play a show literally in a garage in Prospect Heights with grilled corn and PBRs all around us. They blew out the electricity of the entire house right as they started the first song. Hey Slow Animal, if you remember that, we totally wanna interview you! If/when they play here in New York again, we have no doubt they will blow out the circuits of the entire city and everyone’s hearts.

Surf Curse - Sad Boys EP

A chilled out love song certainly feels like Taurus to me, and Surf Curse writes them like no other. As I started listening to the Sad Boys EP, warmer days arrived - positive time with positive vibes. In this track "Haunt Me", the singer soothingly sings “I don’t care, I just want you near” and talks about a post-mortal love experience. You can tell this album is ruled by Venus, the Goddess of Love. Surf Curse loves the simple pleasures in life: pizza, catchy uncomplicated riffs, and a life long bond of loyalty; one that these two dudes certainly seem to have. I’d say Surf Curse is in it for the long haul <3 

Tavares - Tavares Anthology

Is it "Too Late"? Never for Taurus! These determined golden bulls simply won’t give up. This is a classic jam about the persistence of ~Love~ and once they’ve claimed you, your theirs forever! That is definitely how I feel about this album. This Tavares Anthology has claimed my heart and soul permanently. I first heard this track on my way to a funeral and it comforted me right out of sadness and straight into dance-groove mode. And in case you’re wondering, no, it is never too late for a soul jam from the 70s.